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Peach Roses Decoupage Rice Paper

Peach Roses Decoupage Rice Paper

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Rice Paper Decoupage Sheets are of a collage so you have the ability to do several projects from 1 sheet.

1 Sheet Rice Paper Recommended for decoupage.
This Rice Paper is printed by machine, that's why it is thicker than Napkin, but it keeps the same transparency and resistance of Rice Paper Rice decoupage paper

25g Size of a sheet: 22x32 cm A4 8x11.7 inches

The paper is thin, but very strong perfect for decoupage. It is ideal for people who are advanced in decoupage technique, but also for those who have just started.

Rice paper with noticeable large rice fibre, extremely thin, very strong. Does not need to be wet before use. Colourful, very strong overprint of the highest quality. It does not rub off nor blur.

Many uses for decoupage with this product:  Can decoupage to most surfaces.  

Made in Italy by

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