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Mixed Media Supplies

Mixed Media Supplies

Mixed media" tends to refer to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media for example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called a "mixed media" work, but not a work of "multimedia art."

  • BoBunny Gold Pearlescents


    BoBunny Gold Pearlescents

    Create pearl drops, paint, or write words with the Coral Pearlescent Dimensional Paint by BoBunny. This dimensional paint adds shiny decorations to any surface. The tube holds 1 oz. of paint. Wait 24 hours before wearing your decorated fabrics.Size: 25ml...
  • BoBunny Transparent Gel


    BoBunny Transparent Gel

    BoBunny Transparent GelA staple that every crafter should have in their go-to crafting drawer. Transparent Gel can serve as a foundation, an adhesive, a decoupage medium and even a glass frosting treatment.  You will find numerous uses for this...
  • Chameleon Spray Red

    Daily Art

    Chameleon Spray Red

    Water-based acid-free, ink spray for fabric decor and mixed media projects. Contains interferent pearl pigments that add a subtle glimmer to projects and changes appearance depending on how light falls on the surface. Use on light and dark porous...



    Big and colorful peacock eye feathers that features the natural colorful "eye" of bright and iridescent indigo, green, and gold. The large peacock eye feathers have a very long white rachis (stem) with vibrant, shimmering barbs. The small eye feathers...
  • Glimmer Spray Red

    Daily Art

    Glimmer Spray Red

    Water-based acid-free, ink spray for fabric decor and mixed media projects. Contains pearl pigments that add a subtle glimmer to projects. Use on light and dark porous surfaces such as paper, clay, surfaces painted with Daily ART Vintage Paint, fabrics...
  • Glitter Paste Light Green

    Daily Art

    Glitter Paste Light Green

    GLITTER PASTE: Light GreenUniversal 3-dimensional water based gel-paint. Use on any surfaces textile, paper, wood, plastic, etc. When applied to fabric, wash fabric to remove any softeners before decorating. Wash decorated fabric in 40° C temperature...
  • Glitter Snow Frosting


    Glitter Snow Frosting

    Add a touch of sparkle to your holiday projects with Aleene's Glitter Snow! Fluffy white "frosting" can be spread onto almost any surface. Available in 4 oz jar Create the look of frosting or real snow with light and fluffy Aleene's® Glitter Snow...
  • Ivory Resin by Pentart


    Ivory Resin by Pentart

    IVORY RESIN by Pentart A two-component molding system, which hardens to an ivory-like object at room temperature. It can be used versatile from jewelry to create 3D decoration items to furniture or accessories for scrapbooking and mixed media projects...

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