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Welcome to Decoupage Designs USA

Decoupage Designs USA is here to help you discover the wonderful world of decoupage. It is an artistic and crafty way to reconstruct old items. When you decorate these things you recycle them by repurposing them. No one wants to throw their favorite items out. So you do not have to anymore. From furniture to candles we can help you add your flair to anything. This is perfect for crafting beginners as well as experts. This will explore your inner creativity and allow you to add your own special touches to your favorite items. Create a festive holiday look if you are hosting a dinner or add your style for everyday use. Whatever you have in mind you can express it with decoupage. 
Decoupage is a cheap and fun way to revamp items. You can buy decorative candles and add your own style to them. This makes a great center piece for your table to show off your creative side to all of your guests. It is a fun talking point that can really get the conversation going. We provide all of the supplies you need to get it going. Check out all sorts of inspiration online to get your creative juices flowing. It is inexpensive, easy and not very time consuming like most crafting. Have a fun and exciting experience when you dive into the world of decoupage.
If you want to try it out on a bigger scale you can even decoupage your furniture. Give that old dresser a nice new touch instead of throwing it out. This is better for both your pockets and the environment. 
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