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About | Decoupage Designs USA - Cleveland, OH

Decoupage is what we are experts at. Here at Decoupage Designs USA we have all of the inspiration and tools you need to get started on your next project. Browse around and get excited over all of the interesting things you can do. Repurpose your old items with a creative flair. Make everything with touches that really speak to you. Add eye catching designs or a lot of “bling” to make it sparkle and shine. The possibilities are endless so start exploring! We have everything from paper to glue at our store. See what you can do and show off your crafty skills.
Our mission is to rejuvenate the Decoupage Crafting industry that was widely popular in the 1920s. Since then it has become dormant but resurfaced currently. Today, it is slowly regaining popularity and becoming a huge trend in the world of crafts. We hope to bring the “do it yourself” craze back to how it once was. Not everyone is a natural artist that can draw or paint a museum worthy picture. Use your hands and items around your home to make something beautiful that you can be proud of.   Our decoupage papers are imported from Europe.  These are high quality paper napkins and decoupage rice papers for your decoupage art.
Explore your creative side and discover how amazing decoupage really is for yourself. 

We are one of the Best and Few Decoupage Online Stores in the United States that get your needs.  We love our International Customers so check us out for your needs also!

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