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Here at Decoupage Designs USA; we strive to help our customers discover and fall in love with the world of decoupage. Get started on your latest decoupage projects with Decoupage supplies in Cleveland, OH that will not fail you; we also sell and ship worldwide! We offer chalk paints to help you add your special touch. Revive your old products with a fresh twist. All you have to do is have an idea and supplies to get you started on this beautiful craft. This is a great addition to your home décor. We have glues and brushes to give you everything you need. Need rollers? We have them too! Check us out and get started on your next project today.
When you give handmade decoupage gifts it makes things a lot more special. Give it to a friend as a home warming gift or a holiday present for the family. Because you make it you are in control of how it looks so you can make it personal. Add embellishments to capture the personality of your recipient for the best gift they will get. This is a cheap and fun craft that anyone can do! Just check out some online inspiration and get your supplies together to get started. Our store is family owned and operated so we give you quality you will love.
Decoupage paper can really make a statement. We have endless options when it comes to paper depending on if you want a holiday feel or a chic Paris look. It can really put together your décor! This is perfect for those on a budget that want to get crafty and decorate their home. Reflect your style with decoupage. We also provide you with sealers so you can preserve your items and make sure they stay. Finish and display your masterpiece. Your incredible art can now be displayed for everyone to see. Check us out to get started on your holiday crafting supplies! It is right around the corner after all! 
We are one of the Best and Few Decoupage Online Stores in the United States that get your needs.  We love our International Customers so check us out for your needs also!

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Shipping International:  We give a 15% discount on shipping for our international customers.  We do ship worldwide.  We offer invoicing to our international customers so that you may place an order and your cart will be saved so that we can find you the best possible shipping than what the automatic systems quotes.  When you select to pay by invoice, your order is put in a QUE we then start searching for the best possible rates to your location.  Once we have a rate then we email you an invoice and if you choose to pay that amount then click on the payment link and make via credit card, debit card, Mastercard, Visa Gift cards etc.  We don't want to lose your business due to shipping charges; that is why we shop around for that for you!